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Get the best-selling Powerful Weld Cleaner 70! Experience its compact, powerful design. Enjoy dual brush support for cleaning, passivation, and polishing—all packed with exceptional 70A output power in one unbeatable deal!

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Product description

AWC 70 is an electrochemical machine powered by Intelligent Surface Sensing technology. Easily portable device boasting an advanced and innovative design, features an expansive 4.3” touch screen. This specific model supports DUAL BRUSH mode, allowing you to effortlessly clean the stainless steel welds of all grades.

Main Description

Introducing the Ant Weld Cleaner 70.

A compact and powerful electrochemical machine that revolutionizes surface treatment with its cutting-edge design and impressive capabilities is the AWC 70, a remarkable and top-selling device.

Advanced and Innovative Design

The AWC 70 combines precision engineering and innovation. In this case, compact design belies the sheer power it has. Also, crafted with the latest technology and materials, this machine boasts an aesthetic appeal that matches its outstanding performance.

Dual Brush Usage Support

This model supports dual brush usage, enhancing its efficiency and versatility. In fact, you can clean and polish or passivate stainless steel surfaces simultaneously. Most important, save the time and effort required for final processes.

Three Cleaning Modes

In brief, the Ant Weld Cleaner 70 offers three modes: cleaning, passivating, and polishing. For example, if you need to remove welding residue, enhance corrosion resistance, or achieve a perfect finish – in this situation AWC 70 can simply adapt to your specific needs.

High Power Output

Firstly, with an output power of 70A at 12V DC, this machine delivers an exceptional level of control. Also, this high-output feature ensures rapid and thorough cleaning, making it ideal for demanding applications where efficiency is paramount.

Portability and Convenience

Finally, the Ant Weld Cleaner 70 portability is a game-changer for industries that require on-site metal treatment. Above all, its compact size allows for easy transportation and maneuverability, and it can be operated in various settings, from busy workshops to remote job sites.

New Standard

As a result, Ant Weld Cleaner 70 sets a new standard for electrochemical machines. Above all, its advanced design, dual brush support, multiple cleaning modes, high power output, and portability make it a versatile and indispensable tool for professionals in various industries. Whether in metal fabrication, construction, or maintenance, this top-selling product will elevate your system, save time, and deliver precise results. As shown above, with the POWER of Ant Weld Cleaner you will experience the future of stainless steel cleaning and surface treatment.


Power Weld Cleaner AWC 70

  • Dual brush mode
  • Cleaning and passivation surface of stainless steel welds
  • Output 70 A



Dimension in cm (L x W x H): 21 x 19 x 31


AWC 70 machine kit includes: