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Speed Ant Weld Cleaner 35 is intended for the surface finishing process of stainless steel welds powered by Intelligent Surface Sensing Technology.

Made for cleaning, polishing, and passivation processes in everyday work with ONE BRUSH mode.

*VAT not included

Product description

Speed Ant Weld Cleaner 35 is an electrochemical weld cleaning machine with unique ISS technology. A team of professionals invented ISS Tech with the ability to intelligently sense the surface of the stainless steel and provide the required electricity and layer of passivation.

ONE BRUSH mode includes:
– Cleaning & Passivation stainless steel welds
– Delivering sensed current power relative to the surface of stainless steel
– Polishing surface before & after welding

Main Description

Ant Weld Cleaner 35 is a machine for everyday stainless steel welding jobs – designed for indoor and outdoor use. Whenever you need to finish your job quickly and on-site work, Weld Cleaner will serve you with reliability and safety.
Electrochemical cleaning is a complete substitution for pickling paste and toxic irrigation.


Speed Weld Cleaner – Model 35

  • One brush mode
  • Cleaning and passivation surface of stainless steel welds
  • Polishing before and after welding/bonding
  • 35 A

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – from technical documentation

Dimension in cm (WxHxD): 21x31x19

AWC 35 machine kit includes: