AWC Double Brush Holder M6

Product ID: AWC WD M6 D
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The Ant Weld Cleaner Double Brush Holder for Brushes M6 is a specialized tool designed for efficient and precise cleaning of welds. This holder securely accommodates M6 brushes, providing a stable and controlled platform for the cleaning process. It ensures ease of use and allows for effective cleaning, making it an essential accessory for maintaining weld quality and appearance.

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Product description

Introducing the AWC Double Brush Holder for Brushes M6—an indispensable tool tailored for optimal weld cleaning performance. Specifically crafted to hold M6 brushes securely, this holder offers stability and precision during cleaning, polishing or passivating. Its design ensures effortless and effective cleaning, facilitating the maintenance of superior weld quality and appearance. Elevate your welding maintenance routine with this reliable and efficient brush holder.