Ant Weld Cleaner 120


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Unleash the power of Perfect Weld Cleaner – Ant Weld Cleaner 120! Elevate your weld cleaning experience with this premium range weld cleaner—experience top-notch quality at an unbelievable price. Revolutionize your welding tasks faster than ever before!

*VAT not included

Product description

Ant Weld Cleaner 120 – presents weld cleaning machine that will provide perfection to stainless steel surfaces. With Ant Weld Cleaner 120 you can clean surfaces from mild to severe corrosion. It has a stunning 7’’ touch screen and an easy-to-use interface with tutorials. Ant Weld Cleaner 120 provides four working modes: Cleaning, Passivation, and Polishing. Maximum output is 120 A, 12V DC.

Ant Weld Cleaner 120 

  • Mode for two brushes
  • Cleaning and passivation surface of stainless steel welds
  • Output 120 A

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – from technical documentation

Dimension in cm (LxWxH): 48x29x31

Perfect Ant Weld Cleaner 120 machine kit includes: