Change the operation mode by adjusting the holder and the number of brushes.

The brush holder is crucial in the electrochemical cleaning process. It keeps the carbon brushes in place to maintain proper contact with the workpiece, thus enhancing process efficiency.

The number of potential solutions is significant and continues to grow. We have provided an overview of the various options and combinations available to meet your requirements.

☑️Conductive materials are made from materials that provide good electrical conductivity and durability 
☑️Insulation features are designed to protect the user from electrical hazards, such as insulated handles or casings
☑️Secure brush retention mechanisms hold the carbon brush firmly in place during operation 
☑️Designed for easy replacement of worn brushes, minimizing downtime 

How to use carbon brush and brush holders?

Please keep in mind the following information:
When choosing carbon brushes, there are various types of brush holders for attachment. The suitable brush holder for your carbon brush will depend on its size, shape, intended use, and specific application requirements.
Our brush holders are crafted from high-performance materials, such as ABS plastic, which offers excellent electrical conductivity and durability.
Properly attaching carbon brushes to the appropriate holders ensures optimal performance and longevity.


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