We are thrilled to bring revolutionary technology and innovative product solutions to our clients in an industrial production of stainless steel!

Our team consists of multidisciplinary scientists and experts with extensive experience, resulting in the development of the Ant Weld Cleaner products range. This innovative device has revolutionized the industry, redefining new standards and pushing the known limits.

We are committed to providing excellence through Ant Weld Cleaner machines powered by Intelligent Surface Sensing Technology.


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Our vision is to become the leaders of weld cleaning machines WORLDWIDE known for our superior quality, technology performance, and care for customer service.

We aim to revolutionize the industry with our sustainable solutions that minimize environmental impact and reduce costs.

We are excited to deliver useful speed and power through our weld cleaners, accessories, and fluids.



We believe in the power of technology to make a positive impact on industry. 

Our advanced technology, and sustainable approach ensures the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and communities. By providing speed solutions on the weld cleaning process we meet our clients essential needs. 

Join us in turning your stainless steel weld into perfection with

Ant Weld Cleaner!


We are professionals who innovate the industry through creative approaches.

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Why work with us?

Ultimate solution

Ant Weld Cleaner is the industry's ultimate stainless steel weld cleaning solution. Our products are manufactured with the latest technology to provide the most effective, reliable, and innovative results.

Experience in industry

We are here for more than 12 years.
We specialize in offering a seamless solution for weld cleaning and passivation, ensuring that your welds maintain their quality and integrity.

Unique technology

Our electrochemical weld cleaning system effectively removes heat tint, oxidization, and other surface contaminations caused by the welding process - making it a unique solution to this issue.

Clients first

We care about you – our clients. We are here to provide a pleasant experience while working with us. Our customer service is opened 24/7 - ask us anything.

Maximum value

Production equipment can cost a lot of investment. With Ant Weld Cleaner you will reduce the cost of the finishing process and get high quality weld cleaning products.

Save Planet

Who can save the Planet – WE ALL CAN! Environment sustainability is on a high priority scale for us at Ant Weld Cleaner.
So, let’s do this together.

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