Ant Weld Cleaner 200


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Get ahead with the Premium Weld Cleaner AWC 200! Seize the ultimate time-saving solution for weld cleaning. Elevate your workflow with unmatched efficiency at an incredible deal! Get your weld cleaned!

*VAT not included

Product description

Elevate your weld cleaning experience with AWC 200, our Premium Weld Cleaner that offers unparalleled power and performance. This machine allows you to restore welds and oxidized surfaces effortlessly. User-friendly interface with tutorials. Depending on your needs, AWC 200 contains modes from weld cleaning to polishing, passivation, and even engraving. This model employs four brushes simultaneously for efficient coverage—the maximum output of 200A.

Premium Weld Cleaner – Ant Weld Cleaner 200 

  • Quadro brush mode
  • Cleaning, polishing and passivating surface of stainless steel welds
  • (Maximum) Output 200 A

Product Specifications – from technical documentation

Dimension in cm (LxWxD): 48x29x31

AWC 200 machine kit includes:

Premium black and red Ant weld cleaner for stainless steel welds.

Ant Weld Cleaner 200