Ant Weld Cleaner Brushes

Ant Weld Cleaner brushes last 10x longer

We provide brushes designed for Ant Weld Cleaner machines. Our carbon fiber brushes offer a revolutionary solution to effectively remove rust, oxidation, and other contaminants through an electrochemical process.

Why choose carbon AWC fibre brushes

Our weld cleaning brushes are not only effective but also designed to last. Made with durable carbon fibre and a specialized polymer matrix, they are powerful tools that can withstand the rigours of welding applications.

Innovative design ensures the efficient flow of electricity, effectively eliminating rust, discolouration, and other contaminants from stainless steel surfaces without any risk of scratching or damage.

  • High Electrical Conductivity
  • Low Contact Resistance
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Environmental Benefits

The advantages of using carbon fibre brushes in the electrochemical process

  • Improved cleaning and polishing capabilities
  • No risk of surface damage
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Long durability and
  • Cost-effectiveness


Productivity and cost savings with carbon fibre brushes

The brushes can remove contaminants quickly and effectively, reducing the time and labour required for cleaning. Maintenance tasks are completed more efficiently, resulting in higher productivity and cost savings. Minimizing the need for brush replacement and maintenance improves uptime and ensures uninterrupted operations.


Improved cleaning and polishing capabilities without surface damage

Carbon fiber brushes provide a softer contact compared to metallic brushes, reducing the risk of scratching or gouging the contact surfaces. This gentle interaction helps maintain the integrity of the brush and the surface it contacts.




When it comes to purchasing equipment, paying attention to warranty options is crucial.

We are proud to offer our loyal customers an exclusive deal with a No-Matter-What warranty on our premium series of Ant Weld Cleaners.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in a top-quality machine with unbeatable performance.