Ant Weld Cable 6m

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The 6-meter-long Ant Weld Cable is ideal for those requiring extended reach. Carefully crafted to align seamlessly with our specifications, this product guarantees maximum current conductivity, ensuring an efficient welding experience. Upgrade your setup with the Ant Weld Cable 4m for improved flexibility and performance in your surface finishing operations.

*VAT not included

Product description

Introducing the Ant Weld Ground Cable 6m, a versatile and essential accessory designed to elevate your welding maintenance experience. This 6-meter-long cable provides the extra length you need for convenient maneuverability during welding operations. Carefully engineered to meet our specifications, it ensures seamless alignment and optimal conductivity, guaranteeing efficient and effective welding processes. Enhance your welding toolkit with the Ant Weld Ground Cable 6m, a reliable companion to the Ant Weld Cleaner, and achieve precision and reliability in every weld. Trust in its quality and functionality to support your welding maintenance needs. The innovative easy-on, easy-off system simplifies the machine’s attachment process. On the other end, it is combined with a wand holder, made from brass and sheeted with special composites of rubber that are acid-resistant. With this cable, you can easily reach those hard-to-get-to areas and make sure that every corner of stainless steel is cleaned, passivated and polished.