AWC Quadro Brush Holder M8

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Get cleaner and more efficient welds with the Quadro Brush Holder M8 — order now for improved surface treatment precision.

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Product description

Quadro Brush Holder M8 – size for M8 carbon-made brushes.
If you are into a welding job, using an AWC brush holder can provide you with several benefits.
First, using the brush with Ant Weld Cleaner 200 provides excellent stability and control. That leads to more precise and consistent application of fluids into the surface.
It can also help reduce hand fatigue and strain, particularly during extended use.
The AWC Quadro Brush Holder M8 also allows for effortless brush changing, making the process more efficient and less time-consuming.
Using a brush holder improves the quality and efficiency of cleaning stainless steel work.